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Who We Are:

Beverly Hills Publishing is a small press publishing house. We work with writers and other publishers to insure that they market their time and money to achieve the most profit for their effort.

What We Do:

We are more than an inventory-free book publishing, printing, fulfillment and distribution company.We continue to expand our inventory-free book fulfillment network, allowing publishers and authors to seamlessly distribute their content through existing channels, as well as to leading retailers, e-retailers, distributors and other specialty book sales markets. If the sales volume demands larger inventories, we find storage facilities and seek the best means for distribution possible.

How It Works:

We hire an experience editor to read your; work and we pay them $1.50 a page to write a summary of improvements to be made to your work. We then hire a profession editor to go over your structure, spelling and grammar to make sure your work is readable to the buyer. When your work is marketable, we hire a page setter to design the type and illustration on your text. If you need a cover design then we have an illustrator work with you. If you decide any or all of the mentioned venders, we charge you $350.00 plus a 20% marketing and publicity service fee.

Who Works With Us

Real Estate Writers

Sports Writers

Fashion Writers

History Writers

Directory Developers

Art Brokers

Computer Programmers

Graphic Designers



Who Uses Our Writers

Public Relations Agencies


Web Designers

Human Resource Departments

Real Estate Agencies

Advertising Agencies




Bindery Houses

Promotional Firms Who Benefits:


Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, we act as print brokers who can produce one book - or 10,000 books - profitably for authors and other publishers. Our books are typically listed as"in stock and available from”, a distinction proven to lift sales. We provide a full range of digital fulfillment services including content management and storage, digital rights management (DRM), secure e-book delivery, and distribution of printed on-demand books.