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Academic Journals:

These are books which are published periodically.  Demand is light in quantity but heavy in quality.  On-demand publishing is perfect for satisfying small demand. Also, if a particular issue contains a must-have or surprisingly desirable article, additional copies are immediately available.  There is no accumulation of unsold issues, and few returns.


Best of all, issue archiving is built in when you utilize on-demand publishing.  Need one or 100 back-issues for a conference or other sudden demand?  Have them printed and shipped at no additional cost or trouble.


Don't want to do anything other than collect and vet the submissions?  Beverly Hills Publishing can take over as much as you want:  We do editing, word-processing, subscription fulfillment, typesetting, file preparation, and printing.  We have a literate, intelligent staff who will understand what you want quickly and deliver it.  We also have translators available who are fluent in most popular languages for multilingual editions.


Shouldn't your discipline have the latest technology for its journal — especially when it costs you less, not more?  Contact Beverly Hills Publishing today for a quote!

Trade Publications:

These may also vary in frequency, size, and demand from issue to issue.  On-demand publishing is a great way to reach and service a scattered but highly-committed subscription base.

Have occasional jumps in circulation for trade shows or expositions?  No problem.  Print more copies, always only how many you need.  Got a sudden demand for an old issue because the technology is suddenly "hot"?  Again, no problem!  No product of on-demand publishing is ever “out-of-print”.  New members joining your trade or professional association and wanting complete sets to date?  Print them, ship them, and welcome your new associates!  Accumulating piles of old issues requiring ever-more storage space?  Not with on-demand publishing!

And… If you need to move abroad and expand into other countries, Beverly Hills Publishing has translators available.  We can make a second-language edition available just as fast.

Don't you owe it to your profession or trade to utilize the latest technology for your magazine or journal — especially when it costs you less, not more?  

Contact Beverly Hills Publishing for a quote by email (click the link) or phone 310-854-0705 today!