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On Demand Publishing!

Got Book?

Got a manuscript written and can’t wait to get it published? We will prepare your book for publication, submit it to the distribution market, and keep it there! And we’ll ensure that you get the maximum return.

How Do Books Get Out?

Since Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450, writers have paid to have their books printed and sold. Later, entrepreneurs sold books for the writers and financed the typesetting, printing, binding, storage and press runs. This helped reduce the price per copy for distribution and marketing. These people - who did everything but write the books - became known as publishers.

Why On-Demand Books?

Why are established writers - often with best-sellers under their belts - abandoning traditional publishing? Money is a major issue. Traditional publishing tends to drain an author’s profits in lieu of mass-marketing, agents, literary conventions, etc.

Control is an even bigger issue. On-demand publishing doesn’t require creating overstock and then renting out warehouses for the storage of books, many of which – since they aren’t pre-ordered - go unsold and then drain the author’s profits. With on-demand publishing, the precise number of books are created and distributed.

Maximum Control for Authors!

With Beverly Hills Publishing, authors get maximum efficiency, distribution, technology and structure, with minimal costs for professional typesetting, art, and editing. Beverly Hills Publishing handles all the hassle, leaving you to do what you do best – write!